Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jenna's surgery day

Today Jenna had to go be at the hospital by 5:30AM to get prepped for surgery at 7:30. She had ear tubes put in and her adenoids taken out without any problems. She was scared coming out of the anesthesia, but eventually did fine. After she stopped throwing up, we were able to take her home.
I took some good pictures of her, but accidentally erased them before I put them onto my computer, (that's what I get when I'm easily distracted)...so imagine...
Jenna blowing bubbles while wearing her gown that is 100 times too big for her. Bubbles seemed to help pass time while we were waiting.
Then imagine Jenna walking down the hall with her underwear showing because the gowns just can't cover everything, pulling a wagon with the nurse with her new teddy inside the wagon. They wanted the separation between Jenna and I to go smooth, so they brought out a wagon so see if Jenna would ride in it, but instead she insisted that her teddy (that they gave her) be put into it and she pull the wagon. She waved to me and off she went into surgery.
The nurses gave her bubbles, several stickers of princesses, and a new teddy bear, what more could a girl want? (Well, she wanted her dad, who was soon by her side.) She did great and we are proud of her. The hope now is that she'll caught up in her speech, fine motor skills, self help skills, etc. etc. I hear that it takes just a matter of months before she's right where she should be!


Karen Melander said...

Well now Jenna and Jake have had surgery! Im glad it went well for her. That is really stressful.

Kyle and Tiffany said...

I'm glad Jenna's surgery went well. I hope they give me a teddy bear and some princess stickers when I get my tonsils out. :) Sounds like she was spoiled! Just the way it should be.

I can't believe Logan is two!!! For real? Where does the time go? I'm glad it was a good birthday for him.