Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

It was fun to host our first Thanksgiving! Maybe sometime we will host and cook the food! Thanks Mom, Dad, Natalie and Brook for making such great food!
Mom and Jenna making rolls...Jenna is such a good helper! She even rolled her dough, placed it on a cookie sheet to "bake", got the dough off the sheet with a spatula and served it to Mom, Dad and Ryan. This kept her busy for almost an hour.Dad and Ryan keeping the kids out of the kitchen by watching a little "Dinosaur Train."Ryan did a wonderful job on the table! The food must have been ok because this is what we found afterwards...Ryan, Baby Carson, Tate, Brook and Jason resting their tummys before dessert.

Even Carson thought the dessert was fabulous!Playing Games:

TateRyan having to figure out who each person is, blinfolded

We loved being with Family on Thanksgiving...Thanks for making it a great day!


The Melanders said...

I bet your loved hosting Thanksgiving! Im glad you had fun! My kids are in Love with Dinosaur Train.

Kyle and Tiffany said...

What a fun Thanksgiving! You didn't mention your did it go? I bought a turkey and put it in the freezer for us to cook later. You need to send me the instruction on how to cook it so it will taste good. :) I loved the pictures of Logan asleep in his high chair. What a cutie! Adam also looked very handsome in his pilgrim hat. Sounds like it was a fun little program for him. Now the countdown is on for Christmas. I hope this is a WONDERFUL month for your family. We're planning a Boise trip in January. I'll keep you posted. LOVE YOU!