Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekend in Rockford visiting Grandma Pete

My mom's mom came from Wyoming to visit, so we made the trip over to see Grandma Pete. We had a great weekend! I don't get to see my dad jump on the trampoline much, but he did with some of the grand kids, so I had to preserve the moment!
Natalie, Tami and I went through all the baby clothes and separated them out. It was a huge project but we are all glad its taken care of. Grandma Pete with the Great-Grand kidsMy parents with all of their Grand kids!It was a really quick trip over, but a fun one!

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Jill said...

OOooooooh! I love all those pictures. What a treasure. I especially love the one of your dad on the tramp. Well, I actually love them ALL! You'll be glad you have them.