Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yesterday Midday:

Adam-"Mom, I want a cat."

Me-"A cat...where are we going to get a cat?"

Adam-"From the pet store"

Me-"Where will we put the cat?"

Adam-"In our house."

Me-"Oh, well I don't think we are going to get a cat."

Adam-"But I want one."

Distraction from me....

9:45 pm yesterday:

Ryan and I hear a meowing sound that seems to be coming from our apartment. We discover (by that I mean Ryan) that we have a cat in our crawl space and we can see it from a hole in our furnace closet. Ryan was able to get the cat out of the crawl space and fed, loved and adored the cat. (Sorry, but I don't really love cats, so I stayed back from a distance.)

While Ryan was away getting cat food, Adam wakes up, about 11:00 pm and hears some noises. He discovers it is a cat and gets really excited. Jenna too is now awake and excited, mostly because brother is, but then she is suddenly really scared!

Because of all the excitement, Adam was up until well past 1:00 in the morning and dreamed about the cat all night. Ryan was up all night listening to the cat cry out back and Jenna and I slept like babies.

Ryan and I decided to call the kitten "Midnight"...we thought it was fitting, but Adam likes "Blacky" (also fitting) and "Bob."

This little kitten has definitely been around people and has been cared for. It is in no way a wild, stray cat, but none the less, we do need to take it back to "his mommy," which is of course the Idaho Humane Society.


Elicia said...

It's sooo cute!! You might try to find it another home...I've heard rumors that if you take kittens to a shelter they just put them down because they want people to take the older cats home and if there are kittens around then people choose them first. Anyway, good luck whatever you decide :)

Genni said...

What a weird experience. Do you think maybe Adam had been hearing cat noises and that was what prompted his request? HA HA! I sure hope we don't find a kitten in our attic....I am so allergic. How do you think it got in the crawl space anyway?

Kyle and Tiffany said...

I love your new blog layout. Good job, Min. The picture of Adam and the cat is really cute. I'm with cats allowed. :)