Monday, October 13, 2008


Corinne tagged me to type 6 unspectacular (otherwise known as quirky) personal qualities about myself. Here are the tag rules.
1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them
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So, here are my 6 quirky qualities.

1. I hate to be late. My anxiety level rises when I know I'm going to be late for something.

2. I can't sleep at night if my hands and/or lips are dry or if my closet door is open.

3. When I go to bed, I always lay on my right side until I'm just about to sleep, then I have to roll over to my left side. Ryan always knows when I'm serious about going to sleep! :)

4. I don't like things out of their place for very long. A few toys here and there for a little while is ok, but toys scattered all over...I can't handle. Here's one small example: At church Jenna thought it was a fun game to dump out all of the crayons from the box, put a few back in, dump them out, etc. Then when she got fussy and Ryan took her out, the crayons were all over the floor and bench. It was driving me CRAZY!!! I couldn't really get down and pick up all of the crayons that were half way across the bench from me in the middle of sacrament meeting, but it was really driving me nuts! Finally, I got Adam to pick them up and put them in the box for me. After that, I could really listen to the meeting again.

5. I don't like to cook. I know I should do better because I'm the mom and need to feed me kids great things, but I don't enjoy cooking. I like to assist others in cooking though. However, I LOVE to bake. I could bake goodies all day!

6. I like to talk on the phone if or when I do cook or clean the kitchen. It helps me get the job done!

I tag Melanie, Katie, Sara and Amanda!


Adams Family said...

I thought it was funny that you said you like to talk on the phone while you cook or clean. I'm the same way. And while I don't LOVE to cook, I don't hate it either. I just get sick of trying to come up with something to make all the time. I'm with you on the baking thing. I love to make cheesecake, cookies, anything sweet like that. I have some really good recipes for that stuff. My cookies and cakes recipe sections are twice as big as my main dishes section. Sad. Oh well. I think you get the things out of place from your mom. I don't remember ever going to your house when things weren't in order. It was always so clean and you guys always kept your rooms so clean, too.

Gosh, your kids are growing up so fast. How is Adam doing in preschool? Mason is doing well and I think it has helped him in many ways. There are still concerns I have that we'll still have to address thoughout his life but it has been so great for him to be with kids his age. He is starting to use his hands to finger paint and not freak out with the paint on his hands. He is eager to get it off but he doesn't go into panic/freak out mode as much anymore. All in all it has been positive so far.

It is so fun to look at your blog and keep up to date. I'm glad I finally jumped into the blog world.

Love, Jill

maurerblog said...

This is so much like me it is crazy. I should just input my name and I would have me tag done.

KarenWaite said...

Mindy! I am the same way about having things out of place. I'm even more insane about loosing small parts to toys. I think they create these toys will millions of parts to trive parents nuts! :)

It's always good to read your blog and see how you're doing, you have such a cute family!

KarenWaite said...

whoops! That's "parents nuts", not "trive parents nuts". :)

KarenWaite said...

"drive parents nuts" Ha, how embarrasing...I must need more sleep.