Thursday, January 17, 2008

No new pictures, just an update

Adam went to Sunbeams a couple weeks ago. I can't believe that he's already old enough to go to Primary, but he is and he LOVES it. We have a really small primary (about 14 kids, total) so he was already asked to say the opening prayer. He did a great job too. He just jumped up there and said a prayer, by himself. I'm so proud!!!
Jenna is learning and doing great as well. She's almost nine months old, but still no crawling. I can't wait until she can crawl! Yes, she will be into everything, but at least she can go places on her own and be more content.
I was called to be the Relief Society Secretary on Sunday, which will be really good for me. I am excited to be back in the RS after being in the Primary then Young Womens for about 3 years.
Ryan is still going to work everyday to provide for the family. He's a great husband and a wonderful father. Both kids just beam when daddy comes home to play. Lets face it, daddy is a lot more fun than mom!


The Wall Family said...

Way cool! Adam a sunbeam, I can't believe. Time flies. We need to get together sometime soon! We miss you guys.

Kyle and Tiffany said...

Yeah! A new update. I can't believe how your kids are growing up. I'm proud of Adam for saying the prayer in Primary, too. What a cutie.